Automated Health

We provide automated symptoms analysis and assessment that will give you and your client a clear idea about their overall health with functional statistics, making it easier for your client to focus on their most important health concerns and give you the support you need to give them the best service.

We also make supplement recommendation effortless by providing automated nutritional and herbal product recommendation based on your client’s Automated Health Report recommending only the most quality of supplements.

Online Platform for Clinics & Clients

PhysiciansHR serves as a great interactive platform for clinics and their clients, all your needs are available in one place and with one click, you and your clients can exchange information, discuss their health concerns and help them get better anytime and anywhere.

Find The Medical Knowledge You Need

Our medical team will provide support for you to assist you in getting your clients the help and results they are looking for. With excellent medical knowledge and assessment, you will get rich information, reporting and direction needed to help you, and your clients to both get the results you’re looking for!

Get Support from Our Team

Our team is available and ready to provide technical support for you and help.

General Features

Available 24/7

Online System Available 24/7

Phones and tablets

Works great on smart phones and tablets


Email Notifications

Support for notification emails

Easy to Use

Simple layout design that is easy to understand

A customizable website for your clinic

Clinic Website

Customize your own in-platform clinic website which your clients can access.

Create Account

Even more great features

Client & Employee Management

Various management features for clients and employees

Product Customization

Product customization features that give 100% control on your product settings

Nutritional Supplementation Details

Full nutritional details available to you and your clients

Powerful Statistics

Powerful and concise statistics are generated based on your client’s reports which help you get a clear picture of what direction you need to go in



We understand the importance of keeping your client data private and our system helps keep it that way



Continuous status updates keep you posted on the status of projects you are working on with your clients

Pricing Customization

Customize product pricing to your liking

Great Reports

Great report features help you and your clients understand the data generated

Full Control

We give you full control over what information your clients get so you can work with them as you wish

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About PhysiciansHR

Physician’s Health Report is a platform that is available to any health clinic in order to assist their clients in assessing the proper nutritional supplementation for their current symptoms. Your clients visit your customized website to fill out an extensive numerical based report. You will be notified electronically that a patient has completed the survey. You can approve or decline the preparation of a comprehensive, customized health report.

At your convenience, you can contact the patient to schedule a consultation, where you can go over the personalized report, answer any questions the patient may have, and order the recommended nutritional supplementation.

The PhysiciansHR platform will serve as a quick and easy guide for you in the suggestion of proper supplementation for your clients. It also provides an additional income stream from the report fee and product sales. It helps you keep your client in better health through tracking of acute and chronic symptoms, gives professional suggestions on product usage, helps you to track for dosing and follow-up appointments and provide your clients with excellent health education.

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PhysiciansHR - Physician’s Health Report is a platform that is available to any health clinic in order to assist their clients in assessing the proper nutritional supplementation for their current symptoms.

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