Bremen Health Clinic is a whole body wellness clinic. We offer a variety of therapies all designed to improve you over-all health. Our clinic staff works as a team in order to help you achieve maximum wellness as well as educates you in how to keep well with diet, exercise, stress management, etc. Each patient has a specifically designed protocol as to what is best for their body.

We are most definitely not your typical health clinic! Here we integrate the best of traditional and ancient natural medicine along with the latest modern technologies in designing a customized plan of care for each individual. Rather than address symptoms our aim is to get to the underlying cause of these symptoms. This is our proactive and preventative-minded approach to health care. Assisting the body in achieving and maintaining optimal health is our philosophy and our passion.

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United States - Georgia, Bremen
110 Buchanan St. N. Bremen
45 miles west of Atlanta
Zip code: 30110

Work Phone 770-537-4445

Email info@bremenclinic.com

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Bremen Health Clinic
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