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Nicholas Pratley of The Wellness Clinic is proud to collaborate with Dr Jim Hawver of The Standard Enzyme Company, who since 1987 saw the potential for natural medicine to become more than just vitamins and minerals. He began to explore the use herbs, flowers and phelonics (the helpful chemical structures in wine and other foods). All of this came together in producing a world class line of homeopathic products that meet the most demanding standards. 

​A dynamic leader in the wellness, transformation, health and fitness arena for nearly 20 years, Nicholas Pratley creates a unique opportunity for people to take health care into their own hands with lifestyle support systems. Weather its a Class, Retreat, Cleanse, Online Program, or the Wellness Concierge offered right here in our Clinic, these systems offer a holistic and powerful lifestyle game changer. A globally renowned and authority in natural medicine, Dr Hawver has created our products that hold the highest purity standards in the industry. For this reason they have become synonymous with dependability and excellence. These outstanding products have become the “go-to” line for an ever-growing number of health care professionals in the United States and abroad.


The Wellness Clinic prides itself on being one of the premiere providers of Holistic Medicine in the U.S. and around the world with more than 500 products and a line that’s growing and getting better all the time. Many of the products today are even Wildrcrafted or Certified Organic. 

​Wildcrafted Herbs simply means; the herbs or flowers were picked in their natural habitat where the soil, temperature and weather was ideal for their growth. Organic ingredients actually means that at least 70% of the product is actually organic. And finally several of our products go through Spagyric Processing, which involves fermentation, distillation and the extraction of mineral components from the ash of a plant. While all of that may sound a bit over-the-top, we are dedicated to the highest quality production of each product because we want to see the maximum benefit and optimal results for YOU! ​